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What You Should Know Before Selecting a Contractor

Six Things You Should Know before You Select Your Contractor

Not all construction products are created equal
Though they may look similar, some brands and materials really are made better and last longer than others. Make sure that your contractor knows the difference, and can assist you in selecting the product that meets your needs, your dreams and your budget.
Not all companies treat their customers equally
Make sure your contractor is truly responsive to customer needs. How good is the communication between the contractor and its customers? How satisfied are previous customers with the products that were installed, and with the service they have received? Will the contractor provide a list of their customers? Does a company representative respond when you call with questions?
Not all companies get the same treatment from their suppliers
The best contractors have excellent relationships with their product manufacturers and distributors. Ask your contractor if they will provide their suppliers’ names for referral. What’s the company’s reputation in the industry?
Not all installers are equivalent
Ensure that the crew that does the work on your house knows the products, has the experience to do the job right and is passionate about neatness, fit and finish, and service.
Not all contractors will offer you the best quality and prices for your needs
Find a contractor that treats you personally, honestly and with respect and that gives you the best value – with a clearly stated proposal, with no confusion, no pressure and no nonsense.
Not all companies will be there to serve you after the installation in completed
Crank Brothers Roofing Company has been in business in Orange County since 1945 and has thousands of satisfied residential and commercial customers. Unlike most contractors, Crank Brothers Roofing offers written installation and workmanship warranties that provide protection above and beyond that offered by the manufacturer. And for added security, we also offer optional extended warranties.

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